Are you looking to the New Year to make a return to running after a break?

Go easy on yourself 

Here is our advice for making a successful comeback.

After a long break, you will likely be slower than previously. It is also likely that it will take work and time to get back to the times you were setting. This can be quite demoralising and make you want to quit.

A better way to approach it is to start with a blank slate, use the first time you go out as a benchmark and try to improve on this. You will likely see immediate improvements that will keep you motivated to keep hitting your goals.

Plan your runs

Life always gets in the way, whether it’s kids, work, friends or other commitments. What was the reason you stopped running in the first place? Look at the barriers to getting out on the road or trail and then try to find a way around them.

Once you have done this you can start to plan and find times when you can fit in a run. Maybe add a couple of backup times as we all know things can change and even the best-laid plans can go awry.

Add Variety

Find new inspiration by finding new places to run. Head out to a local forest or park, and maybe take on one of the Milton Keynes SixPack challenges. 😉

Vary the distances too, maybe taking on a 5k during the week and a longer slower run at the weekend when you may have a bit of time to play with.

Make it a habit

Try to be as consistent as you can initially and find your routine. Once you’re in a routine it will quickly become a habit and a few times each week you will be heading out for a run.

Give yourself something to work towards

Having an event on the horizon can be a great motivator and ensure you stay on track.

Take a look at all of the Big Cow Events here

Not quite ready for racing? The MKWH is the “Best Last Race of the Year” giving you over 11 months to train and meaning you will finish 2023 in style.

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Our 5k and 10k series are also a great way to see how you are improving throughout the year. They are bi-monthly and for just £10 including a medal, chip timing and a fantastic one-lap route. 

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