MK SixPack Legacy Routes

From lockdown to beyond…

  • six fantastic routes… not to mention 12 mini routes 
  • challenges for everyone 
  • fantastic rewards 

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Keep Moooooving in a Lockdown 

Pick your challenge, get moving, explore MK

What’s your next challenge?

A bite-sized marathon 

Six routes – complete them all to claim your reward!

It may be the only SixPack you ever have! 

A challenge for the whole family

Walk, Hop, Skip, Scoot or Run the routes as a family 

Can your family complete a marathon? 

Suitable for all ages

Let’s get the kid’s mooving! 

Six routes – two of each distance: 

Suitable for 8 years plus (some walking is allowed!) 

Join our Repeaters and claim your Repeater Rewards 

Improve your times 

Run with friends

How many SixPacks can you do in 12 months?

New to running? 
Just starting out? 
Love a short sharp workout? 
After a new challenge? 

Then the Half Pack is for you! 

Can you do the SixPack backwards? 

Same six routes complete them in reverse and claim your Rewind reward

Why not do the SixPack in a day? 

Are you an over-achiever? 

Love a tough challenge?

24 hours to complete the six routes