The Power of Three

If you’re confused by the fact that you’ve ended up on this website when you thought you were looking for an FQ Events race then don’t be – it’s not some web weirdness but a quiet rationalisation of our brands.

Big Cow Events was the original Milton Keynes multisport events company and has been around since the dawn of time – at least in terms of multisport! Running triathlon and duathlon events out of Emberton Park and at the National Bowl it has been our flagship brand.

FQ Events arrived on the scene a few years ago and shared a Race Director in common with Big Cow Events. Its stock-in-trade was running events with the Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon as the annual bookend for their calendar.

Managing two brands, two websites, two sets of events – many of which overlapped in terms of resources – was an historical (and sometimes hysterical) situation that made decreasingly less sense. And so, from 2019, all the events will be run under the Big Cow Events banner (you’ll still see the odd reference to FQ Events but they will quietly fade into the mists of time).

We said ‘The Power of Three’ in the headline and that’s because we are also associated with Gold Swan Events over in Stowe. We help them with their running series in the Stowe Landscape Gardens and they help us with our Stowe Sprint Triathlons – it’s a match that works really well and helps both of us deliver more, better quality events into a new area.