Anywhere that’s socially distant

30th November 2020

First 100 Entries – £25
After 100 Entries – £30
After 200 Entries – £35

How does it work?

The majestic Pennine Way or otherwise known as the ‘Backbone of Britain’ is one of the most famous walks or runs you can do in the UK. 431km of trail through the Peak District and the Scottish border.

Complete the distance in as many attempts as you like, simply update the entry page with your latest distance and time and the system will look after the rest.

You will even earn performance awards as you complete some of the milestones on route!

What do I get?

Each event entry gets one of our awesome technical t-shirts – who doesn’t want a running t-shirt with a cow on it? 

And of course you have access to our fab leaderboard and the motivation to keep training, keep achieving and have some fun


Stick to the current social distancing guidelines and give way to others when you are running!

Enter today and get that new PB for yourself! Remember, this is your race, on your own route and at your own pace! Everyone gets to feel what its like to be leading the pack!

Remember this is a virtual event – don’t over do it and collapse on the virtual finish line! Plan your routes and make sure someone knows where you are going and when you plan to return, and take some water if its hot weather!

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