Anywhere that’s socially distant

Deadline 31st August 2020


How does it work?

The Cowman Series has gone virtual to allow you to keep motivated, keep training and keep competing!

All Adult finishers will receive their very own Cowman, Calfman or Stampede Finisher T-shirt.

Please note there are no age limits on the Future Stars challenge series. We encourage completion of the distances over multiple days if the Future Stars need it, parents must ensure their child’s distances and routes are suitable for their fitness.


Cowman Triathlon   Swim 2000m,Bike 90k, Run 21k
Calfman Triathlon   Swim 1000m, Bike 45k, Run 10k
Stampede Triathlon   Swim 400m, Bike 20k, Run 5k
Cowman Duathlon   Run 21k, Bike 90k, Run 10k
Calfman Duathlon   Run 10k, Bike 45k, Run 5k
Stampede Duathlon   Run 5k, Bike 20k, Run 5k
Future Cowman Duathlon   Run 2k, Bike 10k, Run 1k
Future Calfman Duathlon   Run 1k, Bike 5k, Run 1k
Future Stampede Duathlon   Run 1k, Bike 2.5k, Run 500m

What do I get?

Each event entry gets one of our awesome technical t-shirts – who doesn’t want a running t-shirt with a cow on it? Plus, you also have the option to add an epic Cowman hoodie to your order!

And of course you have access to our fab leaderboard and the motivation to keep training, keep achieving and have some fun.

Sign up for all three events and receive 10% off!


Remember to stick to the current social distancing guidelines and give way to others when you are Swimming, Cycling or Running!

Complete in a day or over three, it’s completely up to you how you undertake each distance.

Enter today and get that new PB for yourself! Remember, this is your race, on your own route and at your own pace!

Submit photos of your event for a chance to win ‘best picture’ awards.

Remember, this is a virtual event – don’t over do it and collapse on the virtual finish line!

Plan your routes and make sure someone knows where you are going and when you plan to return, and take some water if it’s hot weather!

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