Here at Big Cow Sports we have made many changes to the organisation of our events to ensure the safety of crew, participants and the wider community. 

These changes include:

  • Staggered starts / Time-trial events
    • Reduces congestion on the course and at the venue
  • Posted out race packs (were applicable)
    • Reduces congestion for Race pack collection on the day
  • Re-fill points instead of Water Stations 
    • Limits the contact between crew and participants as now most athletes carry their own water
    • Also more environmentally friendly as there is zero waste on our behalf!
  • Sanitisation zones introduced
    • So you’re always reminded to sanitise!

The above are just some examples of what you’re likely to see at our events to make them a safer experience for you as athletes, and for us as crew.

We’re making sure that as an events company, all of our events fall in line with that of local authority and government. Because of this, we may need to make changes to aspects of our events, and in extreme cases, this may even include the date of the event. All of these changes are necessary however, if we aim to provide you with a safe but enjoyable event. 

If an event needs to be cancelled because we can no longer see a way to provide a safe racing environment, we will let you know via email and will include the possible options to you.