Coast of England Virtual Challenge

The Coast of England Virtual Challenge is the ultimate challenge you could possibly do, nearly 3000km around our green and pleasant island.

The challenge begins near the Severn Estuary and starts by tackling the south coast path around Somerset, Devon and the stunning Cornwall. Then heading east across the bottom of the UK, we tackle the mighty Jurassic coast. Following this you’ll then journey towards Southampton, Brighton and finally Dover before venturing to the south east to the Thames Estuary. But it doesn’t stop there! You’ll then travel to the east coast and unto the north Norfolk path heading through small towns such as Sherringham, Wells and Southwell. Once you have tackled this it’s time to head up north, exploring the Yorkshire coast and cities like York and Whitby. The North Cambiran coast is next before heading up to the Scottish border where you’ll venture to Hadrian’s Wall (a mammoth task on its own!) and then back down to the Lake District. Coming back more inland you’ll walk, bike or run to Liverpool before brushing by Wales and taking on the final part of your epic journey by heading to Offa’s Dyke, then through the stunning Forest of Dean back to your starting point. 

That concludes your Coast of England Virtual Challenge. Complete the 2970km completely at your own pace, fast or slow, on a bike, or walk, a run or swim. Whatever your leg, it’s completely up to you!

Complete the distance in as many attempts as you like, simply update the entry page with your latest distance and time and the system will look after the rest. You can also link your entry to your Garmin account so your running, walking or cycling activities are automatically uploaded into the event!

As you reach each major milestone you’ll get an email giving you some further encouragement.

Join a team when you enter to see how your friends and family are doing or track your progress solo! In each team you’ll be able to see your accumulated distance so far in the challenge, but you won’t have finished the challenge until you have completed all 2970km individually.

Enter for £5 and see how far you can push yourself completing nearly 3000km of the coast!


Enter for £10 and earn yourself a bespoke wooden eco-friendly medal like the one below!

Anywhere in the country



From £5

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